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Why your On-field workforce need a Mobile Application

On average, the majority work within a business is conducted by their Desk-less employees or Field operatives. Be it any industry, a business could not thrive without their on-field Workforce be it, On-site technician, Field sales executive or a service agent everyone who makes some external effort in his job is a desk less employee. For such businesses, it is imperative that a proper system is in place so that they can efficiently monitor the proper utilization of their resources.

 And the larger the operation the harder it becomes to track their performance because of the introduction of external variables.

And in order to penetrate more, every business is now days employing some sort of field agents irrespective of the industry, and due to this, the number of field employees is on the rise very rapidly in service-based industries.
In such scenarios, Site-Personnel Mobile Applications helps in accommodating the needs of such employees and facilitates maintaining synergy between the higher administration and execution team. And because of this, it is the best way to get your workforce fully engaged with your company.

According to the recent report published by Forbes, Nearly 2.7 Billion working professionals worldwide are in some form related to Field related activities. But despite it being widespread, fieldwork has been largely been ignored when it comes to enterprise funding. Only approximately 1% of enterprise software funding has gone to site-related jobs. Which is flabbergasting considering how much productivity could be saved and how much potential has to revolutionize the industry.

So, if you are someone who manages field agents or desk less employees you need to change the way you manage your team ASAP. This will require you to leverage the much available mobile and communication technology.

Your Site Staff needs a Mobile Application.

In laymen terms, you can’t expect your remote field staff to report you in conventional ways and there is no way you can monitor them on an hourly basis, so a Mobile Application will ultimately benefit your entire workforce.

To the skeptics or people who are still on the fence about this supposedly vanity expense, I’ll explain why this is a must-have technology for you and how you could be an early adopter of this tech and be a trailblazer, or play catch up and hope to turn around as everybody else did.

Improved Communication

Field Staff is different. While this may seem like an obvious statement, a rather high no. Of businesses still feel to digress.

Communication is the backbone of any business.

Still, upwards of 78% of workers in the United States say that they are more likely to know some information through their office colleagues as opposed to official communication from management.

And nearly 51% of employees are not satisfied with how management communicates with them.

And it is evident that not giving clear instructions and not having time to meet with employees both rank high on the list.

If this is the state of in-house workers, we can only imagine what staff who are constantly on the go has to say!

With a field staff, you just can’t expect to instruct him by calling in your office and he will not be available for all of your meetings either.

So, what could be done to keep these people in the loop and maintain synergy?

Very often, I recall the examples from my surroundings, business owners who don’t really have any system in place for these things and who float solely on the mercy of Whatsapp Chat groups and Mail forwards. This is not always accurate or helpful.

And continuously nagging the employee on the phone can turn into a game of tag, which is not an efficient use of time as well.

A Mobile App eliminates the friction in the communication process. And your Field staff will be notified in real-time through push notifications and announcements on his mobile device which he is more likely to pay heed rather than some chat alert.

This will instill a proper system in place and will inspire professionalism in your employees. It ensures that they’ll always have access to a clear set of instructions, as opposed to taking down notes by hand and being a classic example of Chinese Whisper!

Future-proofing your Business!

You can’t afford to fall back on the latest technology trends. Failure to adapt could make you lose your potential business.

Learning how to leverage technology will help close any gaps or inefficiencies in the workplace.

Once you learn how to future proof your system, managing desk-less employees will be a piece of cake.

In order to do this first, you’ll have to utilize the technology that your staff is already using on a daily basis. Make BYOD mainstream in your organization.

95% of Americans own a Smartphone.

The vast majority of employees bring these devices to work, and they feel more productive when they use their own devices. An application makes it easier for them to solve problems. They’ll have access to useful resources, guides, customer information and much more at their disposal.

A mobile application interface will also appeal to the millennials which will make up the majority of your future workforce by 2030.


You can’t expect to upscale your operations by neglecting your field staff.

Times are changing, and you need to leverage technology to improve your workflow processes and systems for managing employees. 

A mobile app will make it easier for you to communicate with remote workers while simultaneously futureproofing your operation. An app appeals to the majority of your staff, which will increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

It’s easy to integrate a mobile app into your process. This investment will boost your security and lower your costs for the long term by improving employee productivity. 

An app gives everyone, including your in-house staff easier access to critical information.

If you’re ready to build a mobile app for your field staff, we at AppVoir would gladly help you out and produce something which bridges the gap between you and your staff.


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