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What should be the initial Marketing Strategy for your new business?

Looking for a marketing strategy for your business?

For years, the marketing strategy for the new businesses involved print media to gain attention, but today when the locals are depending on the mobile applications to buy products or services it is needed that technology makes its way in hyperlocal business marketing too. Technology and new channels of communication are completely changing the classic approach of marketing products and services on a local level. It involves getting more precise in targeting the local public and getting an edge over digital marketing techniques to advertise or organically reach more people on the grassroots level. 

 Defining hyperlocal marketing, and the importance of marketing strategy to pull it off.

Hyperlocal marketing works at more micro-levels. It targets locals on the street and block of a geographical region to target people that search “near me” for specific service or a good on their smart devices. According to Ken Research, the hyperlocal business marketing in India will exceed Rs 2,306 crore by 2020. 

There are about 299 million smartphone users in India. The disruption of smartphones in India and changes in purchase behavior of Indian consumers is making it mandatory to change the marketing strategy to align with the change in trends. Technology can make that easy for you by making you more aware of the untapped market and generating awareness for it as magnified as it can be on the micro-level. This is when hyperlocal marketing comes into action. 

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Marketing Strategy for a business?

Communication is the key to winning more customers and gaining their attention to generating higher engagement for long-term business benefits. Here are some effective ways to do boost your marketing strategy for hyperlocal business.

  1. Hyperlocal advertising: Optimizing your online presence is very important. You must provide a direct call to action feature on your ads along with subtle information about your location. This makes your ads to be passed on to the ad network that sells the ad space with location information on to different channels.
  • Omni-channel Approach: Budget plays an important role in generating the right channel mix. As for Hyperlocal business marketing, it can be difficult to completely ignore the traditional approach. Facebook has come up with a brilliant concept of Reach Ads that is specifically made for small businesses that can advertise and reach as many people as possible around their business location. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 
  • SEO:  SEO for hyperlocal business includes getting relevant keywords related to your niche. Inserting your business address name and phone number with a google map location can boost your SEO tactics. Neighborly an app by Google is a hyperlocal question and answer app that organizes your data to that of the queries put by people where people to show you in Google results. 
  • Content: As a local business, you understand the buyer psychology better than the businesses that are trying to reach your street or block globally. This way you can create the content that creatively hits your users with humor or emotionally triggers them to buy from you. 
  • Geo-fencing: The feature allows you to select a specific area and target your ad to people in that area in real-time. It helps narrow down the target area to about 500 meters to go up to any length. 
  • Retargeting: Retargeting is very essential to be included in the marketing strategy for hyperlocal businesses. It makes it easy for you to start compelling promotional offers to effectively market your business through SMS, email campaigns and other methods. 

Takeaway Marketing Strategy

These were some of the local strategies that can help you boost your Hyperlocal business venture sales. By using them with your traditional marketing methods you can gain a major advantage in competition. However, none of the above techniques will be fully effective until your product is not effective enough. We at AppVoir would gladly help guide you through the technical complexities all at no cost. Because we believe in empowering businesses that have the potential to grow big.

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