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Top 7 Tech to enhance your digital consumer experience.

For any business, robust serviceability and ROI are directly proportional. According to Forbes, companies earning around $1 billion in revenue yearly earn an additional $700 million in subsequent years by investing in their digital consumer experience.

Furthermore, as per Gartner, More than 50% CEOs feel that digital transformation is the way to stay ahead of the curve in any consumer centric business in near future.

We are in the era of consumer-centricity, and no company should remain unaware of this fact. Nowadays, customer has a more active role in their purchase decisions and their decisions. Their choices now are influenced by multiple variables. Thanks to the free-flow of information, hyper-digitalization has made communicating with the customers very easy.

In order to build or improve upon their digital consumer experience, It is imperative that companies invest in useful digital customer service tools and have proper digital service tools for their customers to address their greviances

In this blog, We have listed the 7 most vital and efficient technological solutions that you need in order to deliver a great customer experience online. Our recommendations for every customer service tech is also listed below for you to get started immidieatly.

1. Email Automation 

Digital Consumer Experience
Image Source : Clickdimensions

C’mon, you saw it coming didn’t you?

That’s a complete no-brainer. Research by SendPulse proved that automated emails have 4x times more click-through rate (CTR) as compared to traditional handwritten mails. 

We all know the role A.I. plays in digital customer service.

Email automation is the holy union of email and AI, and it is an important breakthrough for marketers and businesses that requires to connect with their customers and prospects on a frequent basis.

For businesses, to communicate and provide value to their customers through their informative emails are one of the easiest ways to forge a deeper bond with their customer.

Marketers adore the ability to send customized, personalized emails to their targeted niche which in turn motivates them to reciprocate accordingly.

Automated customized emails are could be sent by steering up different triggers like ebook download, newsletter subscription, shopping cart abandonment, and post-transaction outreach. The core idea is always to deliver the best possible customer experience and have the clients indulge with your brand even more easily. 

Here’s an example of how Amazon uses automated emails to assure their customer of their product’s journey :

Automated Emails making Digital Consumer Experience more interactive.
Image Source : Campaign Monitor

AppVoir’s Recommendation – Hubspot 

A few of the many features offered by Hubspot are: 

  1. Easy No-Code interface to create branded email templates.
  2. A/B testing facility to test between subject lines, CTAs, and more.
  3. Engagement Insight and other Analytics to help you understand user behavior.

2. Co-browsing 

Co-browsing is one of the latest breakthroughs in digital customer service. It helps customers address their core needs. In a way, co-browsing is evolving into something beyond traditional screen-sharing technology.

What is Co-Browsing? You might ask…

Unlike screen sharing, in Co-browsing, the agents are able to navigate and control some specific aspects of the customer’s web browser. For example, an agent assists the customer in finding the right products and even check out the items for them if needed.

This two-way communication is carried, the customer will provide consent to the agent and state his needs. This way, the customers will have the choice to share only those parts of their browser that they want to.

Here’s how a co-browse software encrypts sensitive information like a credit card number.

Through Co-Browsing agents could help user remotely thereby improving Digital Consumer Experience.
Image Source : Reve Chat

Co-browsing helps customers experience an in-person touch online. Businesses now more than ever need to integrate this technology in their online portals in order to provide the same quality of service to their customer that they used to in offline methods.

AppVoir’s Recommendation – Acquire Co-browse software

Key features Acquire offers over their competitors are : 

  • Abides by the communication compliance guidelines for secure conversations
  • Easy to integrate with other customer support tools like live chat, and video chat, etc.
  • Only software to provide mobile SDK features to agents so as to access and operate browsers on mobile devices as well.

3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveyed ensuring users of quality service, thereby enhancing Digital Consumer Experience.
Image Source : QuickTapSurvey

Marketing Mozart, Neil Patel, states that 86% of customers pay for better after-sales support and not for the product.

A customer satisfaction survey is the most reassuring way to gain customer’s goodwill.

Even before marketing automation used to be a thing, businesses knew the importance of customer feedback. This is why clipboard surveys used to be common practice then. 

All thanks to technological innovations, now we have multiple ways for our customers to rate their business experience.

Few of many standard scoring methods to measure customer satisfaction are: 

Various tools use one or more of these scales to help you create excellent customer satisfaction surveys: 

AppVoir’s Recommendation – SurveyMonkey 

The main features of SurveyMonkey are: 

  • Employs registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Fred Reichheld — Net Promoter Score(NPS), and Bain & Company.
  • Allows setting multiple surveys across the customer journey.
  • Easily interprets customer feedback data into CRM for your agents to work upon.

4. AI-based-conversational chat bots.

Chatbots have greatly impacted the customer service department by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in a significant way.

They allow businesses to provide digital customer service 24/7, with minimal human interactions required. Since it’s very easy to integrate any knowledge-based software that companies use with a chatbot, this helps visitors and customers get answers to their common questions more swiftly.

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Here’s a chatbot integrated with knowledge-base at work:

Customers are more likely to trust brands and companies that answers queries addressed to them in written format as it leaves little scope of ambiguity that could result in misunderstanding.

AppVoir’s recommendation – Acquire’s Chatbot 

Some major features of Acquire’s chatbot are: 

  • Helps reducing query resolution duration and offers answers FAQs 24/7, taking the minimal time of agents
  • Automatic re-routing to an available agent for complex queries.
  • Easily integrates with other customer service tools.
  • Minimal coding knowledge needed, just select the purpose of your chatbot and customize the required workflow accordingly

5. Visitors Session Recordings and Heat maps.

Image Source : GrowTraffic

A visitor session is the activities performed by a visitor from the first time he lands on a page until he exits the web site or remains inactive for 30 minutes.

Heat maps are analytical way of visualizing a customer’s or visitor’s time spent on your website or app. It is a visual representation of data that shows the most popular and unpopular as hot (red) and cold (blue) elements of a web page respectively. It does so by recording the visitor sessions.

This graphic representation of your site/app data enables you to understand what people like most about your website or app — the most and least engaging aspects. With the help of this data, you can make desired changes to your website to optimize your target audience’s digital experience.

AppVoir’s Recommendation – Hotjar

Major features of Hotjar are:

  • Easy and enhanced user interface. 
  • Enables organization to manage all the websites through a single account.
  • Translates customer data into actionable insights effectively.

6. A digital Experience Modulation platform.

Image Source : Fulcro

Digital Experience Modulation is an up and coming tech that helps organizations deliver streamlined digital consumer experience.

This enterprise technology is not a single-point solution for customer, rather it works across your digital space to offer seamless customer service to your user/visitor.

This technology is generally a suite of tools which work in unison. A digital experience platform provides a space for businesses to: 

  • optimize operations of business in accordance with digital experience
  • Create a smooth and value delivering user-journey and lead user towards transaction.
  • Gather insights into customer behaviour in order to act upon them later on.

AppVoir’s Recommendation – Adobe Experience Manager

The main features of Adobe Experience Manager are: 

  • Automated tools help you in keeping your content consistent and relevant throughout the digital space.
  • Rapidly source, adapt and deliver your marketing actionable items across audiences and channels.
  • Seamless communication with customers without hindering customer journey.

7. Visitor Ticketing System.

Image Source : LiveAgent

Visitor Ticketing system is one of the most intuitive ways to enhance visitor’s digital experience. A ticketing system is a tool that allows process representatives to assign tags to your users and catalogue customer service requests appropriately. 

These tools create an effective system to acquire-manage-track and helps in prioritizing customer issues’ status in an organized and collaborative manner. 

Tickets, aka queries or issues, are required to be properly stored along with relevant user details.
The ticketing system allows for that and provides agents to deal with customer queries efficiently in less time, delivering the best Digital Consumer experience to the people.

AppVoir’s Recommendation – Zendesk

Major features of Zendesk are:

  • Automated ticketing system instructs bots to speed up resolution times and freeing agents.
  • Automatic re-routing of queries to live agents in case of complex queries.
  • Allows agents to engage with multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Offers comprehensive report functionality and competent ticketing mechanism.


People are more likely to bash poor services of a business more than singing praises for good services.

Furthermore, “U.S. companies annually lose more than $62 billion due to poor Digital Consumer Experience.”

Now that you understand the tools and technologies that are available for you to create a better all-round experience for your customer, we hope you focus significantly on their journey so that your business could gain better traction with brand awareness, conversions, better ROI, and greater customer satisfaction.
And in case you’re wondering what other specific integrations could make your business stand out from the competition, we welcome you to reach out to us, we at AppVoir will gladly walk you through the process of making your business automated so that mundane tasks do not eat up your resource’s valuable time and energy. Till then, stay technocrat!


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