Taxi App Development

Branded Taxi Dispatch Solution

Get uber-like app development with more feature to make you stand out in the competition, allowing you to get a wider foothold even in competitive scenarios.


Let your customers book ride with your branded iOS and Android application.

  • Easy Login/ Sign Up
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Ride History Tracking
  • Real-time Tracking/ ETA
  • Customer Support / Emergency Features

Enjoy enterprise mobility business benefits, allowing you to manage your business in a single go using smart devices.

  • Multiple Logins
  • Data Management
  • Account Management
  • Logistics
  • Accessibility Ride / Driver / Location / Customer Details

Make it awesome to work with your brand for drivers, allow them to be productive and perform top-notch.

  • Driver Offline/ Online Features
  • Ride History
  • Easy App Registration/ online documentation
  • Wallet Page
  • Profile Management

We are skilled enough to create taxi app development that stands out from the crowd and can turn your idea into a profitable enterprise. So why keep waiting? To make a modification, utilize our Uber-like app creation services.

How does uber work?

Step 1 The rider starts the app.

Step 2 The driver and rider are matched.

Step 3 Rider is picked up by the driver

Step 4 The rider is driven to the destination by the driver.

Step 5 Riders and drivers submit ratings and reviews.

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