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How AppVoir’s custom mobile application empowers entrepreneurs to get seed funding?

It seems almost impossible to imagine the on-demand tech behemoths like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon or facebook were MVP ideas at some point, Ideas in the minds of super-competent people who understood the potential of those platforms and preceded with what little they had to develop and nurture it. It didn’t take for them to reap the fruits of their labor and now they are the titans leading the industry and making our lives a bit easier in the process.
All it took for them was the first step, the first basic product that “Minimum Viable Product” that initiated their journey.

As a startup, we are sure we are not the first person to sell you the immense opportunities that come with MVP. But, allow AppVoir to be the first one to tell you about the role of MVP in seed funding. A minimum viable product is an initial product with core features rolled in to check the feedback of the customers and use the feedback to improve and develop a scope for the product. As much as you need to have a custom mobile application to grow, MVP has emerged as a go-to technology solution to get funding. A lot of people think it is a lite version of mobile applications that displays your potential to grow and allows you to test your app in the development phase with user reviews.  

That is absolutely right if you ask a tech-mind. But people at AppVoir visualize a more innate approach to it. In our minds, it is about creating the “most functional MVP”. The whole crux of MVP is to build something as efficient as custom mobile application development with minimum resources. Imagine testing your initial idea with an actual clone of your app made from a very small fraction of resources that you have. It simply cut-down the development time and saves resources. You can make changes in your app on the go and check if the features are working well for the users. 

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AppVoir Custom mobile applications and MVP for Startups

As a leading mobile app development company, we have built MVPs for many startups and we drew on to the conclusion that it is very vital for them. Using our resources and knowledge we built MVP to achieve a fraction of what was possible to achieve using the initial ideas of our clients. An MVP can show a range of possibilities, sometimes it was about building a cheaper version of an application and sometimes it was a whole custom mobile application with fully-functioning core features. 

As a good application development company, we use rewarding approaches to make it worth it for our client. The discovery phase is one of the most catalyst parts of the development journey. We have an end-to-end dialogue with the startups looking forward to having an MVP development to know about their hopes from the project. Mostly it allows us to set our goals in the 4 target areas, which are: Learning, Validation, Testing, and Funding. This approach is further useful for custom mobile application development too. 

1. Learning 

Most of the startups that come to us, come with a piece of very less knowledge about the tech domain. As a leading software solution provider, we have to make sure that they are learning about the core working of mobile applications to grow their business. It is important because sometimes they can get over-expecting or sometimes, they simply ignore the immense potential technology holds for their initial ideas. To have the right approach MVP allows the founding team to be more practical and open to possibilities.

2. Validation 

Now every app must have a utility in people’s life, directly going for custom mobile applications will leave you with no resources to make the needed changes or add-ons. What MVP does is it validates that your app has utility. Build the MVP with core features and see if people are installing it and if they are great! If they are not, find a unique feature that makes your app stand apart and boost the installs. That way, you will always have the resources to put in your app and even if you are getting installs there is a lot of available information to analyze your app and grow further. 

3. Testing 

Always choose a mobile app development company that provides your test. A/B testing is essential. Now, since it is about MVP, using the minimum resource the design would be minimal both in terms of UX and UI. Set goals for the testing stage and you don’t have to worry much about the design since it is MVP. 

4. Funding 

The main goal of creating an MVP is getting seed funding. If you have gone through each of the MVP stages successfully you are well-set for acquiring funding. MVP helps you attain proof of concept and thus, makes capitalists want to invest.

Need Professional help in pitching your Startups to investors Looking for a professional to help you develop an effective MVP for pitching to investors? Consider AppVoir, we provide IT consultancy and support in the early-stage for startups to raise funds by pitching through MVP. From ideation to development to maintenance we can be your technology partner throughout your business cycle, contact now.  

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