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How IoT integration in mobile apps is helping the healthcare industry?

Apple Watch is just an excellent example of how IoT integration in mobile apps can change the world. Chris Mint, 30, from Lincolnshire cannot be more thankful for the world of technology when his smartwatch detected a potentially fatal heart condition and saved his life. The watch for real detected the irregularities in the heartbeat of Chris and prompted him to go to the hospital immediately, which saved him from misery. 

The healthcare services are costlier than any other service in this world, and tragically we all need them irrespective of your economic conditions. We all age and there is a very high probability that we will suffer from a chronic disease no matter how much we try.

How IoT integration in Mobile Apps helps?  

Technology approaches to help humankind from basic to a larger set of problems. Meanwhile, it cannot stop the occurrence of chronic diseases, it can surely make healthcare more pocket-friendly and accessible. 

In a recent survey by MedData, 68% of patients failed to fully pay off medical bill balances in 2018. This number is expected to elevate to 95% by 2020. A large part of any medical bill includes high medical diagnostic costs. With technology, the same medical check-ups can now be done at homes. It is helping the healthcare centers from functioning more competently and provide a better patient experience. IoT integration mobile apps development gives you efficiency and quality both to serve your patients’ rights.

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IoT integration in the mobile app for the health industry

1. Reporting and Monitoring 

Chris was just one case, real-time monitoring and the web of connected devices have saved many lives in the event of medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, asthma attacks, diabetes, and others. The smart devices collect the required health data and use mobile applications to send information to the physicians. Also, storing the data on the cloud can be shared with an authorized person such as insurance company, physician or health institution to access the data anytime and anywhere using their smart devices. 

2. Affordability 

IoT integration in mobile apps can automate the process of patient care. Enterprise mobile application development, data solutions, M2M communication, information exchange can help you deliver patient care more effectively. Bringing innovation in your work processes using technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LE, ZigBee, and Z-wave are modern protocols that provide the security and customized accessibility to change the way you are treating the patients. 

3. Data Collection and Analysis

Healthcare is one of the industries which hassles with vast data assortment challenges. It not only eats up a lot of time but is also subjected to errors. Depending on technology solutions build specifically to reduce the workload can help you increase your efficiency, and improve your data management. IoT integration into a mobile app for health industry can help you collect data, improve your reporting and analyze the data in real-time as per your specific need to provide better results. 

4. Remote Assistance

During an emergency, a patient can be in touch with their concerned doctors on the go using mobile applications. Mobile development companies are coming with innovative mobility solutions for healthcare, and medics that provide them regular reports and identify any irregularities in their body vitals. 

One Final Note

Progressing with technology can improve patient care. This, in turn, will help you cut down your operational cost and can drastically improve your patient experience. If you too want to be a part of this innovation, AppVoir is the best mobile development company that can help you improve your services and provide you greater benefits with data management services. 

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