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Importance of building user data pipelines for businesses and How it could help them grow?

Yeah! Its 100% true building user data pipeline is much more important for the business to grow. Data is the foundation for strong business be any industry. However, most people don’t know how data can drive their business. There are two types of data, one source data that is gathered by collecting information from the consumer behavior and second the complied data that is used by analysts for advanced analytics to improve the app efficiency and your overall business performance. These two sets of data contain the same information, but they are different concerning their scope of usability for any business. While source data restricts itself to just one single data point, complied data is more complex. Apart from what your users have been ordering from you, other points such as different production systems, CRM, Customer Support System, third-party analytics are also taken into consideration.

Building User Data Pipeline, i.e Robust:

Collecting data can be a slow and heavy process, to streamline the process of gathering crucial information be it source data or complied data you start realizing the need for a building user data pipeline that is robust. Must Read: Emergence and Acceptance of Progressive Web Applications

Why you need a Data Pipeline?

No two companies have the same need and usability of the data, and hence you need to have custom data pipeline to serve your business with the right solutions. ELT pipeline has become very popular in the last few years, but that might not be as useful for a start-up or a company that is still young in the business. What if you have a unique set of services, do you still think just any cookie-cutter data pipeline will be able to do justice to your needs? Having said that, it is clear you don’t require setting up a pricey pipeline for a while. The need for having a data pipeline begins only when a business has found its market. It is then when a company requires quality data analytics. Your growth needs the data fuel to thrive. The need for laying a data pipeline begins when your apps start producing bulks of data. Data analytics can help you then to use that data to empower your business decisions and make improvements in your process.

How is a data pipeline built?

To build your data pipeline, you must begin small, start from source data. Many available technologies can ease up the task for you. You might need to develop a tailor separate database for each customer query. You can choose MySQL that provides an indexed database, so you don’t have to face the constant request that usually you have to with open-source platforms such as Cassandra. Once you have extracted data, you need to set up ‘Jobs’ which will transform the data into useful information using business logic. It is one of the most important steps of the data pipeline. They filter junk data, obfuscate sensitive information, calculate baseline metrics and provide you new-metrics to be calculated. The transformed data is loaded in your database for your data analyst to use. This process of data extraction makes the usability of data to increase exponentially. It increases the efficiency of your business by providing you predictive analytics. You can help cloud development companies to increase the scalability of your data, and provide you tools to customize your business environment.

Wrapping up!

ETL pipelines are constructed so we can get faster insights into the business from a given data. a business’s need defines the architecture of the data pipeline, and the scalability they want. It is valuable for you to understand the different types of architectures available in the market before you choose one.

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