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Is Google Flutter the next big product from Google?

Google Flutter was released in 2017, and till now, we have not been able to leverage this fantastic technology platform fully. It is a superior technology that is effective in creating better mobile applications for your business. If we talk about the on-demand sector, which is one of the most burgeoning industrial trends today, companies are still unaware of the platform. 

There are infinite possibilities available with concern to the usability of the platform. It is not only a replacement of React Native- one of the most popular mobile app development platform but is found to have surpassed it to mean some serious business. 

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As an on-demand business, there are various reasons to choose Google Flutter over React Native. It is based on Dart Programming Language, which is perfect for building an extensive application due to its support to many libraries and tools. It is a Google product and hence can be trusted for quality and immense support. It is a very stable and quality-centric platform that is perfect for building real-time applications. So, here are a few things that make Flutter is the next big thing in the technology market. 

Get premium Cross-Platform Experience using Google Flutter

The mobile app industry is in dire need now to get a new cross-platform approach; the standard procedure is not meeting the skyrocketing expectations of the users. User experience is highly hindered when we make multiple versions of the natural product.

But with Google Flutter, we can change that. It gives you the advantage of code reusability and thus reduces the efforts of a coder, but you can get a complete native performing iOS and Android Application. To overcome many common challenges that come with the cross-platform approach, Flutter is best. However, Flutter for web is still a new concept in the market, but even, you can try it out. The advantages of using it for on-demand mobile app development: 

  • Reduces the time of development
  • Makes app testing easier
  • Reduces the cost of development 
  • Provides better experience on multiple platforms 
  • UI & UX are better. 

High Performance

One thing every mobile or web application in 2019 should have is high-end performance. Dart is a strong object-oriented language and is a reactive and declarative style of programming language that provides endless opportunities concerning usability.  

Some of the other qualities of dart language are Ahead-of-Time compilation, Just-in-Time Compilation, and many others. These qualities also reduce the app load time down to minimum and ups the overall performance. It improves the development workflow, and thus you can count on the quality of development. The hot reload capability is another advantage. 

Better UI Capabilities

In Flutter, you can create applications using a combination of widgets. Even if you have a fundamental knowledge of coding, you can create a basic app. Flutter Android Studio is very commonly used. It is very straightforward to wrap one widget to another to offer a combination of functionalities. This capability ensures that the user experience is pixel perfect on multiple platforms. Even with Google’s new products, the integration within the app is straightforward.


Some of the best features that will boost your on-demand mobile app development are secure error handling, hassle-free migration from any platform, and other features. If you are a startup, you can create the minimum viable product that helps you create an application in a low budget and minimum time to represent your concept well to investors. Surely Flutter is much more efficient than React Native, the potential is immense, and it is yet to see how it unfolds in the future.

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