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What does it take to build an e-Ride Hailing Mobile Application?

In recent times, the expansion in economies in countries like India and China has seen a rapid increase in carbon emissions and an increase in pollution. And the reason why we don’t see any stringent law in place is that governments could not act against their businesses that are vital to the general populace and are driving force of their economy.

However, the silver lining could be seen in the fact that many businesses now understand this and are adapting to the need for decreasing their overall carbon footprint. And now with many governments on board to develop their local E-Vehicle ecosystems are coming up with incentives to the businesses associated to it and subsidizing the electric vehicle life cycle costs, as a result, we have already started seeing some start-ups built around providing services of e-ride hailing pop up in multiple countries. It was only a matter of time when this trend becomes the mainstay of the on-demand mobility sector.

EV Taxi-hailing applications are here to disrupt the market and stay for the long haul!

 What is an e-ride hailing mobile application?

An e-ride means any vehicle that is powered through electricity or is hybrid in nature. Although initial costs are high due to technology involved, overall running and lifecycle costs are much lower. Nowadays EV taxi and hybrid vehicles are becoming the first priority of taxi owners due to their durable nature and incentives attached to it.

All these e-ride hailing mobile application have been successful in finding their niche, the reason being people who have understood that something as simple as daily commute through e-vehicle will be a big step towards sustainability.

It was Uber which led the on-demand revolution and changed the way we commute through taxis. Mobile application development and the advancements in Electric Drive-train Technology are disrupting the automobile industry and now it’s time for the taxi industry to capitalize on electric vehicle boom.

 If you wish to develop your MVP around e-ride hailing service, here are some things you must consider before you get started.

Strategizing before venturing into EV-Taxi business.

Resulting Strategies for e-ride hailing mobile application

Building any business requires a strategy that can boost your business. Here are some sure-shot strategies that can assure your growth.

Online Promotion

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are helping many businesses to promote their business and target new prospects. Online Promotions are an essential aspect of running an online business.

Create business pages, create an attractive post, and try to capture the attention of more and more new people by posting about new lucrative promotion methods like sharing promo codes, discounts, contests, and more.


Try to hire an expert mobile app development company. An expert developer team will be well-versed in the new trends that can provide more hassle-free experience on your mobile application. Especially the easy-to-use app interface and the advanced navigation system. Having a feature-rich mobile application is good, but try not to complicate the process of booking a cab.

Taxi Wrap Advertisement

The trend of taxi wraps is growing fast; many firms are not just stopping at online platforms but are also trying their taxis into a vital marketing resource. Branding through taxi wraps are one of the most assured ways to attract an audience.

Referral Campaigns

Referral programs are the most effective ways to promote faster conversions. In this way, you will be able to penetrate the market despite facing competition from big companies. The referral campaigns work by providing a discount to people who install your app when referred by some app users. This way, not only the new prospect is engaging with your app but also the person as he will be more actively using your app and promoting it to his inner circle.

The success rate is higher as compared to any other method, and thus it becomes a must-have feature while you get in taxi mobile application development.

Targeted Advertising

By leveraging digital marketing, you can save a lot of money due to its targeted advertising characteristic. Google AdWords is very helpful in bypassing the heavy traffic in the case while running an advertising campaign.

However, using Google AdWords takes a lot of expertise; it means you will require a Marketing Team that can handle various aspects of digital advertising. If you are a start-up and you don’t want to spend money on hiring someone, you can start by promoting your business on social media.

While getting e-ride mobile applications development, you must focus on having the following features, talk to your mobile app development company to know about the latest trends on taxi apps:

  • GPS & Live Tracking
  • In-App Payments
  • Report and Analytics
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Push Notification
  • History (Past Bookings)

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Long story short, it is a good time to be a technology enthusiast entrepreneur and with many governments planning to phase out hydrocarbon taxis within the next decade, EV taxi is all the more going to become mandatory than a novelty. And with the aware populace which understands that little steps add up to big change, adaption will never be an issue.

 We hope that our blog has helped clear out your queries around the e-ride hailing mobile platform.

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