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Why custom-built mobility platforms have an edge over prebuilt SaaS?

SaaS is something we all are well aware of. It has been in the technology ecosystem for quite a few years now, and a lot of people are getting benefitted by that. The most important aspect of the solutions is the mobility it provides to an enterprise. It is the distribution model that rapidly made its place in the tech market and still now is unprecedented. However, most of the companies just think any prebuilt SaaS would work out for their enterprise. We are in disagreement. On-demand mobility platforms, for example, are one of the most rapidly growing trends in the world, and not just any SaaS product can help boost their growth. What they need is mobility platform development that can support their need for scalability and agility. 

Why Choose Mobility Platforms Development? 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software that you lease from third party suppliers. But enterprise mobility solutions are a bit different. They cater to the vital need of a company, be it data security, data management, or just be about security any device. They allow your workforce to be more creative and productive. With mobile accessibility, they can work on the go, and in an on-demand business, these few things are essentiality rather than some secondary need. Security, identity, and access management are a few things that become achievable with mobility platform development. Here are a few things that make enterprise mobility a more practical solution for on-demand businesses.

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Business Benefits

The new-age digital enterprises need a competitive advantage, and that is only possible with custom-designed mobility solutions that are there to serve as the core backbone of the business operations. Although the standard SaaS Solutions can be implemented quickly with minimal risk, they are only designed to address the most common problems faced by the business and serve to a very small spectrum of their diverse needs. It may have completely not been able to adhere to your basic computing requirements. This may be very marginalizing for any on-demand business and completely be ignorant of the core operations of a company. And when this happens, the most-sane solution that you might like would be to migrate, but honestly, it is time-consuming and very expensive. But that is only the start. 

Data ownership and security limitations can even jeopardize the business, and thus you must go for secure custom-built mobility platforms development. It increases value to customers and enables your workforce to improve their operational tactics. It gives them productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and you achieve customer satisfaction with an overall decrement in the cost of on-demand application development. It is tried and tested and has benefited about 82% of businesses globally.

Who are most benefitted by it? 

  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketing Team
  • IT Department
  • Business Operation Team

These types of applications encourage safer data sharing and workflow integration. You can be leveraged by following qualities of mobility platforms to enhance your internal and external structure of the business:

  • Data Control: with custom mobility solutions, you can get your data ownership and data security. If you are an on-demand health app, you can even get HIPPA and HITECH security.
  • Lowered Cost: Maintenance Cost is reduced, and mobile app development is a more viable option. They are an advanced solution to make development and maintenance cost manageable and low. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Highly specified application development can be achieved, functionality, security, and app features can be customized as per your unique internal and external workflow processes, strategies, and customer needs. 

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